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Areas of practice

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Firearms Law

Pistol permits

I handle more pistol-permit cases than any other attorney in our state. Because I’m a shooter and a permit-holder, I understand the technical aspects as well as the law. And unlike most Connecticut attorneys, I strongly support the right of the individual citizen to own and bear firearms. Although it’s possible to represent yourself before the Board of Firearms Permit Examiners, it’s usually unwise to do so. At your hearing, the police will be represented by an experienced attorney. You, too, should have the benefit of representation by an attorney who really knows how the hearings work. If you ask around, you'll find that most attorneys have never handled a pistol-permit appeal. If you look at the minutes of the appeals board, you will see my name listed almost every time the board meets.

Below is a typical list of case results from the appeals board. "Decision for the issuing authority" means the police won the hearing. "Decision for the appellant" means my client got his permit.

bfpe results b.BMP (104464 bytes)

Self defense

It’s a fact of life that when an individual uses a gun in self-defense, the police may assume he’s the bad guy and charge him with a crime. DON’T try to represent yourself; this is not an area for the inexperienced. When you do hire an attorney, you should hire someone who believes in your right of self-defense—with a firearm.

Sportsmen’s clubs

I represent or advise nine "rod and gun" clubs around the state. Typical topics: incorporation (to protect members from liability), review of insurance coverage, purchase or sale of land, revision of bylaws, zoning questions, neighbor problems, and local development.

Collections, foreclosure, and collection defense

If you’re a creditor, you’ll find I’m an efficient collector of debts. If you already have a judgment against a debtor but have been unable to collect, I may be able to help.

If you’re a debtor, I’ll minimize your liability and make it easier for you to pay. If you have a valid defense, I'll pursue it to the maximum degree possible.

I also handle foreclosure, for creditors and debtors. This includes eviction of a tenant or debtor from the property after the foreclosure judgment.

Landlord and tenant law (evictions)

If you're a landlord who needs to draft a lease, evict a tenant, or collect back rent, I can help you. This is an area of law that may look like you can "do it yourself." DON'T. The law of evictions and leases is full of booby traps that even attorneys find difficult.

If you're a tenant who is being sued or evicted unjustly, I can put my experience to work for you.

Real estate

If you’re buying or selling real estate, you need an attorney even if there’s no bank involved in the deal. For most people, buying or selling a home is the biggest transaction of their life; you can afford to be represented by an attorney for something this important.

I also draft all types of deeds and can help you with boundaries or other disputes with neighbors.

Criminal defense and DWI

Going to criminal court without an attorney is like hiking in the jungle without a guide. Even if you have never been arrested before, you need an attorney to protect your rights. It is NOT the prosecutor's job to look out for you. The only person who's going to help you in criminal court is your own attorney. This is true even for DWI and some other motor-vehicle charges.

Other areas of law

Need legal services that you don’t see here? Please contact me anyway. I have experience with many other types of cases that are too numerous to list. Also, I may be able to help you find another attorney with expertise in the area that you need.